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Simple, Sweet and Safe Weddings

Navigating your life through COVID-19 has not been an easy task. We have all managed to get through the worst of it knowing there are ways to "Keep it Safe"! It seems everytime we feel it's all behind us, there is a new variant upon us.  Whatever the concerns may be for you, there are always creative ways to circumvent the situation. Since the arrival of COVID, we continued doing outdoor weddings. They were smaller with more thought given to spacing.  We are so lucky to have such great "open air" spaces on the beach right here in Hilton Head! We continue to make it happen! We work together to make every part of the ceremony intimate, meaningful and safe in every way. 

As we approach the 2024 Wedding Season, we see greater normalcy in the industry. Always know we have so many ways to make you feel "safe"!!  YAY!

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