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Simple, Sweet and Safe Weddings

Navigating your life through COVID-19 has not been an easy task. We have all managed to get through the worst of it knowing there are ways to "Keep it Safe"! Weddings were smaller with more thought given to spacing, open air, which we are lucky to have on the beach in Hilton Head! We made it happen! We worked together to make every part of the ceremony intimate, meaningful and safe in every way. 

The good news is that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Many are vaccinated and we should see greater normalcy as the 2022 Wedding Season progresses! YAY!


March 2022

Because the procedure for securing your marriage license for South Carolina is continually being updated,  it is best to  check the Beaufort County Probate Court page for the latest updates: 

They are currently accepting in-person access by appointment only. For Beaufort, call (843) 255-5850 and for the Hilton Head satellite office, call (843) 255- 5866.

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